Solving for Nic

Book 2 Self Made Men…Southern Style

Lizzie Sellers has a plan that includes finishing graduate school in theoretical math, solving one of the world’s most important mathematical questions, and winning a Fields Medal all before she’s thirty. Her plan does not include a happily ever after with an Italian billionaire playboy she’s been crushing on since she was seventeen. When she meets him again at her brother’s wedding, she decides it’s the perfect time to finally get him out of her system. There’s no way the real Nic Maretti can live up to the fantasy she’s created over the years, is there?

Nic Maretti doesn’t have a plan. He drifts through life writing checks investing in other people’s future while never thinking about one of his own. He doesn’t want forever or complications. He only dates women who understand he’s not looking for the future Mrs. Maretti. Until he sees Lizzie Sellers again and suddenly happily ever after doesn’t sound so bad. Now if he can just convince the only woman on the planet who doesn’t want to be the future Mrs. Maretti that a life with him doesn’t mean giving up on any of her dreams coming true.

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