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Fall of the Red Queen was finally released. I was early this time instead of super late like last time. So far the response to Madlyn has been wonderful. I didn't realize what a big change I was taking by making her the heroine until after it was done, but there was no way to finish the story without telling her side.  Madlyn and Jared's story completes the first series ARC but not the series. Grant's book should be next.

Happy Heart Reads also launched this month. Happy Heart Reads is a concept Laura K Curtis, Penny Watson and I came up with when will all met up last October. I'd never been to New England so they gave me the grand tour. I even got to see a light house. We want this sit to be a fun and happy place to get away from the usual negativity on line. We have Happy Hour give-aways every Friday and travel articles, movie reviews, tons of great recipes, puppies and kittens, music, and other happy items. Please stop by and say hello. And we are always looking for guest posts. Tell us what makes you happy.